Saturday, March 6, 2010

Music and Spring! What a Day for a Daydream.

It is March 6th and one of the finer days that I can remember this year. Talked with my longtime friend Eliot, who celebrated a birthday, a big birthday! Well, I think that every birthday after 60 is a big one. We always talk about one thing or another that opens a door to something else. One name that I brought up was George "Shadow" Morton, who I ran into at Rod McBrien's memorial service. Rod was a good singer, musician arranger and more. I worked with Rod as a musician, a singer and I also hired Rod as a singer. One time after Rod and I had worked together, he got a call from Jimmy Beaumont of The Skyliners, who needed a keyboard player for a show at The Beacon. I was enrolled and loved playing on "Since I Don't Have You." It seemed that every time I saw Rod, he had the happy look of a cat that had just swallowed a bird! (Apologies to animal lovers)

Anyway, I saw Shadow and we had worked together several years ago and had had a good rapport. I did not go on to him about how much I appreciated his work on Vanilla Fudge, Iron Butterfly and of course, The Shangri-Las! But we talked about a Tom Pacheco song that I worked on which had 3 guitars and 3 keyboards.

Anyway, I am quitting now so I can send out a blast about my appearance at PJ Charlton this Thursday, March 11th! I will be singing and playing music from Nino Tempo to Nino Rota and Charles Strouse to Richard Strauss!

I am calling it "A Gemini Vision of a Musical Soiree" and will be joined by Jon Sholle and John Miller.
Signing out now, with peace.....